Electric Vehicles and Charging Stations

Electric vehicles are the future, and Eversource is ready to bring all the rebates, charging and information you need right to your home, neighborhood or workplace.

Building Connecticut's Electric Vehicle Charging Network

As more and more Connecticut residents look to buy and drive Electric Vehicles (EVs), our state will need a robust network of charging stations, and an electrical grid that can handle all the energy demand.

We're working hard to make owing an electric vehicle easier than ever. Whether you're considering buying your first EV, want to install a charging station in your garage, or need information on how to set up chargers at work, we can help.  

Where Are You In Your EV Journey?

ConnectedSolutions Managed Charging

By participating in ConnectedSolutions you can earn up to $200 in rewards every year for helping us decrease stress on the electric system. You can participate either through a vehicle with eligible telematics or a qualified Level 2 Smart Charger. 

If you installed a qualified Level 2 Smart Charger prior to January 1, 2022, we recommend starting here.

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Installing EV Chargers At Work, In Your Neighborhood, or in a Multifamily Building

We're committed to bringing EVs to everyone, wherever they need to charge. See our rebates and expertise for these locations, and more. 

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