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Tropical Storm Isaias 30-Day Event Report

Submitted to the Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority on September 8, 2020

Our response to Tropical Storm Isaias was the quickest and largest mobilization ever achieved for the State of Connecticut and our customers. This report presents a step‐by‐step, detailed view of our response throughout key areas of our company.

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Eversource used multiple weather sources to track the progress of Storm Isaias ahead of its impact and made thorough preparations in anticipation of a major storm event.

We made these preparations in keeping with safety protocols laid out in our pandemic emergency plan, which was already in place and tested in previous storm events.


The actual destructive force of the storm was much more severe than anyone expected, with Connecticut suffering the brunt of the disintegrating tropical storm, its far‐flung energy systems and the combined impact of drought‐weakened trees.

Eversource responded to almost 200 life‐threatening downed wire situations within 24 hours of the event, and over 4,000 downed wire events throughout the restoration, all caused by the unexpected intensity of the storm conditions.


Eversource assembled a massive response to address customer outages and community priorities in parallel, which was made possible only as a result of the company’s advanced preparation and planning.

Power was restored more quickly than any prior event of this magnitude, despite the greater level of damage than expected.

Our report also addresses topics of interest to our customers and communities, including the temporary issues experienced with our outage reporting systems; our effort to balance customer restoration with the response priorities of community leaders; and our communication throughout the storm with community officials and first responders.

As leaders of a learning organization, we know with certainty that Eversource has room to improve, and we look forward to working with PURA and other stakeholders to better serve our Connecticut customers.