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Tree Assessment

Concerned about a tree on your property that's near wires?

Eversource tree contractors work throughout the year to improve electric reliability.

However, our arborists will only consider removing those branches or trees that have the potential to damage our electric system or are causing significant chafing or mechanical strain to your service line.

Before you call Eversource to request a Tree Assessment, determine which diagram below best describes your situation. This information will be required when you call Eversource.

Diagram A

Tree Trimming - Diagram A

It’s common for small tree branches to make incidental contact with the electric service wire that runs between the pole and your house. Keeping these small branches clear is the responsibility of the property owner.

Contact a qualified arborist to perform the tree work.

Diagram B

Tree Trimming - Diagram B

In less common scenarios, a large, heavy tree branch is causing noticeable pressure or strain on the electric service wire between the pole and your house. This situation needs further evaluation.  

Continue to our Tree Trimming Assessment request below

Diagram C

Tree Trimming - Diagram C

A tree located on your property that is impacting the electric wires between two utility poles.

Continue to our Tree Trimming Assessment request below

Request a Tree Assessment

You can call Eversource at 800-286-2000 to request a Tree Assessment.

Please note, you must be the owner of the tree in order to request a Tree Assessment. An assessment is not a guarantee that Eversource will complete the work. 

To ensure your safety, please do not attempt to do the work yourself. Contact a qualified arborist for any work Eversource will not do.