Payment Plans and Assistance

Consider these programs if you're struggling to pay your monthly utility bills.

Programs To Help Webinar

Please join us for one of our free virtual customer monthly webinars Programs to Help on available financial assistance, payment plans and energy efficiency programs to help manage your monthly energy bills.

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Extended Payment Plan

Avoid shutoffs by paying a past-due balance over an extended period of time. This plan is available to most customers with a past-due balance.

Learn about payment plans

For immediate assistance, call us at 800-286-2828 (electric) or 800-438-2278 (gas).

You can also download a bill help fact sheet or an overview of balance forgiveness programs and payment plans.

Programs for Income-Eligible Customers

Available to customers with a past-due balance that meet specific income requirements.

State and Federal Assistance

Apply for state and federal assistance to help with your energy bills.

Service Protection

Apply for temporary service protection if you meet income or medical requirements and have a past-due bill.