Understanding My Gas Bill

To help you better understand your gas bill, below is an example of a typical residential bill.

Account Information
  • Account number
  • Bill date
  • Name of the customer service is provided to
Gas Usage History & Summary
  • Month-by-month usage
  • Current month compared to last year
  • Average daily gas usage
  • Comparison to gas usage during the same month last year
At-a-Glance Bill Summary
  • Total amount due
  • Due date
Supply & Delivery Charges
  • Monthly total for both services
Supplier Details
  • Company name and contact information
News For You
  • Important monthly information
Total Amount Due
  • Amount due
  • Due date
Bill Stub
  • Returned to Eversource with payment via U.S. Mail
  • Bill Date
  • Customer mailing address & account number
  • Eversource billing address

Service Information
  • Address service provided to
  • Billing cycle, billing period dates, and number of days in the billing period
  • Next meter reading date
  • Meter number with details from your last meter read
Gas Account Summary
  • Prior month charges and payment received
  • Balance forward
  • Current total charges
Total Charges for Gas
  • Detailed supply and delivery charges
  • Energy use and supplier rate
  • Energy delivery overview
  • Total month charges
Monthly CCF Use
  • Amount of natural gas used each month
Contact Info
  • Emergency phone number available 24/7
  • Customer service email and phone numbers
  • Eversource's website address
Billing Information
  • Account number
  • Customer name key
  • Bill date
  • Name of customer service provided to

Billing Charge Definitions

Customer Service Charge: A flat rate that depends on customer type (e.g., non-heating vs. heating).

Delivery Charge: The charge to deliver natural gas through the Yankee Gas distribution system.

Supply Charge: The total purchased gas cost of each unit of natural gas.

Sales Services Charge: The rate associated with the recovery of on-site production and storage plant associated with the provision of gas supply, as well as certain gas supply- related asset costs.

Conservation Adjustment Mechanism: Funding mechanism to make conservation programs available to all customers, not just income-eligible customers.