October 2021 Delivery Rate Change

The Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) recently approved an increase to Eversource’s delivery charge effective October 1, 2021.

What You Can Expect

With this change, a Residential Rate 1 customer using an average of 700 kWh per month will see a total bill increase of $2.20 or 1.5% of their total bill.

The specific charges for your rate class can be found on your electric bill or in our Summary of Electric Rates.

What's Changing?

This rate change includes adjustments to two line items in the delivery portion of your electric bill: The Revenue Adjustment Mechanism and the Transmission Charge. These adjustments cover costs associated with building and maintaining a reliable electric system.

Transmission Charge

The Transmission Charge covers the cost to operate and maintain the electric transmission system. These are high-voltage power lines that deliver electricity from power generation sources to neighborhood distribution lines.

Revenue Adjustment Mechanism

The Revenue Adjustment Mechanism balances the difference between the amount Eversource can collect from customers for operating costs during a specific period, and how much was actually collected at the end of that period.

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