Billing Rights

All gas and electric customers of Eversource  have certain rights and responsibilities. This page explains how these apply to you, the customer.

Paying Your Bill

We are thankful for the opportunity to do business with you. You may pay your bill by mail or in person at any of our authorized walk-in payment agents. You may also pay online by visiting the Eversource website.

It is important to pay your bill on time. Your payment is due on the statement date shown on your bill and payable upon receipt. If payment is not received within 28 days of the statement date (i.e., if it is received after the payment due date shown on the top of your bill), you may be charged a late payment charge of one percent of the past-due balance, and face subsequent collection activities.

Check Processing

By sending your check, you authorize Eversource to use the check information to create an electronic funds transfer. The electronic transfer, for the original check amount, will be processed on the day your check is received.

The check will be destroyed and an image of your check will be stored for two years. If the electronic transfer cannot be completed, a demand draft of your check can be created and used in place of the original.

Security Deposits

Connecticut regulations allow Eversource to collect a security deposit from residential electric and gas customers with accounts that are past due. We also collect a security deposit to reconnect service for those customers whose service has been disconnected for non-payment. A security deposit is also collected from all new electric and gas commercial customers. It’s a payment guarantee in the event a customer defaults on his or her Eversource bill.

Payments received may be applied to the outstanding security deposit. It’s very important that you pay your total amount due which includes your security deposit to avoid disconnection of your service.

If you’re having difficulties paying your bill, we want to help. We’ll work with you to set up a payment plan for the total amount due including your security deposit. Other programs may also be available to help you pay your bill, including our Energy Efficiency programs.

The security deposit, plus accrued interest (less any amount owed to Eversource), will be refunded to you within 30 days of the date upon which you terminate service with Eversource, or when you’ve paid your Eversource bill on-time for 12 consecutive months.

Third-Party Notification

With proper authorization, we can send a duplicate of your shut-off notice to another individual whom you designate. This person will not be responsible for payment of the bill. To authorize third party notification, complete the Third Party Notification Form (PDF). For additional information, call us at 800-286-2828. You may also include a note with your payment on a separate sheet of paper.

Payment Plans

A payment plan can help customers manage payments and pay down overdue balances. If you enter into a payment plan and make payments as specified, it will prevent shut-off, however, unpaid balances may still be reported to credit agencies.

Disputing a Payment Plan

If you are unable to reach a satisfactory payment plan with our Customer Care representative, you may ask to speak with a company review officer. If you disagree with a review officer's decision concerning a payment plan, you may appeal within 10 days to the Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA).

If you disagree with PURA's decision, you may request a hearing before PURA. During your appeal, your service will not be shut off , as long as you continue to pay your current and undisputed bill amounts during this period.

Bill Complaints

If you have a question or complaint about your bill, call us and speak to a Customer Care representative. If you are not satisfied, you have seven days to request that a company review officer review your dispute.

The review officer will issue a decision within 10 days. If you disagree with the review officer's decision, you must request in writing, within 10 days, that PURA further investigate your dispute.

If you disagree with the PURA report, you must request, within 10 days, a hearing by PURA. We will not shut off your service for the amount disputed, provided you continue to pay current and undisputed bill amounts.

Credit Reporting

Eversource supplies information to credit agencies when delinquent accounts are placed for collections. An unpaid account reported to credit agencies could harm your credit rating. Timely payment will avoid a negative impact to your credit rating.  

If your account becomes inactive due to non-payment, it may be reported to credit agencies pursuant to Connecticut law. A report to credit agencies could harm your credit rating.


In some cases, failure to pay an overdue bill may result in the disconnection of service. Customers with delinquent payments will receive a separate shut-off notice following the monthly invoice if the account remains unpaid more than 33 days after the statement date.

This notice will show the minimum payment required and the due date to avoid disconnection of service, which is at least 13 days from the date of the notice. If you receive a shut-off  notice, you should immediately make a payment or contact us to establish a payment plan.

Our representatives will work with customers to avoid disconnection, and we accept multiple forms of payment, however, if you have received a shut-off notice and have not paid the amount you owe or established a payment plan as of the due date shown, you may be disconnected at any time.

For electric and residential natural gas heating customers, shut-offs are not carried out on Fridays, weekends, state or federal holidays, the day before a state or federal holiday, or any other day when the company's Customer Care Center is not available.

We will not shut off your service for the disputed portion of the bill while you are engaged in the dispute process, or if you have an active Payment Arrangement with the company, provided that current payments are being made.

If your service is shut off , full payment of the past-due amount, a reconnection fee, and a security deposit may be required before service can be reconnected. We work to reconnect service within 24 hours of payment.

Winter Protection

Winter protection prevents shut-off between November 1 and May 1 for electric and residential gas customers who use natural gas for heating, who have an overdue balance and qualify for hardship status.

To determine your eligibility for hardship status, contact us, or visit to find your local Community Action Agency. You will be required to provide proof of hardship status within 30 days of your claim. To continue to receive service after May 1, you must arrange for payments on past-due amounts and make sure that your arrangements are up to date as of May 1.

Winter protection does not release you from your financial obligation to pay the balance due on your account, nor does it protect your account from normal collection activities.

Hardship Defined

Connecticut law defines hardship as a customer who lacks the financial resources to pay for the entire electricity or natural gas bill, including (but not limited to):

  • Those receiving local, state or federal public assistance, including: Aid to the Blind, Aid to Families with Dependent Children, Aid for the Elderly, Aid to the Disabled, Medicaid, Food Stamps, Supplemental Security Income, General Assistance and those whose major source of financial support is derived from Social Security, Veterans Administration or Unemployment Compensation benefits.
  • Those who are heads of households and unemployed, and where household income is less than 300 percent of the poverty level.
  • Those who are seriously ill, whose homes include residents who are seriously ill or who have a life-threatening situation.
  • Those whose incomes fall below 125 percent of the poverty level as determined by the federal government.
  • Those whose circumstances threaten a deprivation of the necessities of life for themselves or dependent members of their households if payment of a delinquent utility bill is required. Necessities of life include (but are not limited to) food, clothing, shelter, medical expenses and heat.

Medical Protection

You may be eligible for medical protection status if anyone in your home is seriously ill or has a life-threatening situation, and you are facing having your natural gas or electrical service shut off.

To establish this, have your physician complete the certification of illness form online via our medical web portal within seven days.

You must continue to pay current bills and arrange for payment of past-due amounts while service is continued. If the length of the serious illness is not specified, the physician certification form must be renewed every 15 days.

If the doctor has specified the length of the serious illness but the serious illness extends beyond that date, the certification must be renewed before it expires. The company may dispute the validity of any physician certification form with PURA.

If a physician certifies that someone in your home has a serious illness, your electrical or natural gas service will be protected from shut-off during the period of serious illness, as certified by your physician, between November 1 and May 1.

In addition, if the physician certifies that the medical condition is life-threatening, your service will not be shut off at any time during the period certified by your physician. You will only be protected from shut-off during the period certified by your physician.

At the end of this period, you will receive a notification that your physician must complete a new certification of illness via our medical web portal to continue to be protected from a shut-off.

Please note, state regulations allow Eversource to contest a physician's certification. Medical protection status does not release you from your financial obligation to pay the balance due on your account or from normal collection activities.

For the limited purpose of emergency response during outage events, if Eversource is notified that life support equipment is operating at a service address, Eversource will provide municipal authorities with the service address where such equipment is operating. This information is shared consistent with state regulations.

Infant Medical Protection Plan  

If you have a child younger than two years old living in your home and you are struggling to pay your energy bills because of financial hardship, your service may be protected from disconnection as long as you meet the eligibility requirements for infant medical protection.  

Who is eligible?  

Eversource's Infant Medical Protection Plan is available to households with financial hardship and a child of 24 months or less, who:  

  • Lives in the household,  
  • Has been admitted to the hospital, and 
  • Has received hospital discharge papers with a note from the doctor certifying that electric or gas service is needed for the child's health and wellbeing.  

How do I enroll my account in the Infant Medical Protection Plan?  

Steps your physician must take:

Steps you must take:

  • Ask your physician to certify the above conditions on our secure medical web portal. By doing this, you are authorizing your physician to provide Eversource with all information required for this certification.
  • Provide Eversource with the hospital discharge paperwork.
  • Provide documentation to support your claim of hardship. Here are ways to submit your documents:
    • Log on to your account at and select Upload Documents in the menu on the bottom of the page to securely submit proof of income such as receipt of public assistance benefits or household income for all adults over 18-years-old.
    • Submit your documents via fax at 1-866-438-6476 or via U.S.P.S. mail at Eversource, Attn: Credit Dept., P.O. Box 270, Hartford, CT 06141. 
    • Contact your local community action agency. Visit or call 211.  


If you are a tenant and have an individual meter for your premises, but your landlord pays the gas or electric bill, you may establish service in your own name if your service becomes subject to termination.

You are not liable for the amount owed by the landlord, and you are legally entitled to deduct your gas or electric bill payments from your rent. If, on the other hand, the building has a master meter serving more than one tenant and a landlord's account becomes subject to termination for non-payment, the utility will not terminate service.

Instead, it will petition the court to establish a receiver of rents who will pay the bill.

Electric Suppliers

To help protect you from paying higher electric rates, the Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) is now requiring Eversource to transfer all hardship-coded customer accounts away from retail electric suppliers and onto Eversource’s Standard Service electric rate.

Under this new requirement, retail electric suppliers cannot charge early termination penalties or any other fees. You should only be charged for the electricity you receive from the retail supplier — and only up to the date your account is transferred to Eversource’s Standard Service rate.

In many instances, customers are signing retail electric service contracts without realizing their rate can increase over time. Research shows customers with hardship-coded accounts who participate with a retail electric supplier pay, on average, more for their electric service than the Standard Service rate Eversource offers.

If the hardship code is removed from your account, you can again participate with the retail electric supplier of your choice.

Information about licensed electric suppliers, including rates and charges, contract terms and conditions, energy sources and emission rates is available from the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA), 10 Franklin Square, New Britain, CT 06051, by visiting

For other consumer questions and unresolved complaints, you may call PURA at 800-382-4586.

Questions and Complaints

If you have a question or complaint about your bill or any payment arrangement, please contact us. You may also include a note with your payment on a separate sheet of paper.

The Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) can be reached via phone at 800-382-4586 or by writing to 10 Franklin Square, New Britain CT 06051.