EV Charging for Municipal Officials

Bringing EV Charging to your town can open economic opportunities, increase equity and help the environment.

Economic benefits

Adding EV Charging spots to your town can have economic benefits. Public EV Chargers can:

  • Provide an amenity to keep existing residents happy, and attract new ones
  • Draw people into downtown or other economic centers to charge, who will then have the opportunity to spend more time with local businesses
  • Provide a direct return on investment as people pay to use them

Equity and EV Access for All

Publicly available charging stations are a great way to reduce barriers to entry for EV adoption in your area and expose residents of all income level communities to EV charging.

Hit your sustainably goals

Finding ways to reduce your town or city's environmental impact can be difficult, but adding EV Charging is a easy, cost-effective way to limit transportation pollution. Take a big step towards hitting your goals, and keep Connecticut a safe and healthy place to live.