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Improving System Reliability

At Eversource, providing the reliable transmission and distribution of power is our full-time commitment - ensuring our system can meet the demands that are put on it.

We work hard on projects designed to increase the capability and dependability of our systems, while continually managing vegetation near power lines.

Each year, Eversource upgrades and strengthens our infrastructure across the region to reduce the possibility of service interruptions, especially during summer's peak demand and severe winter weather.

We have also developed a five-year, $300 million System Reliability Project (PDF). The plan has four important elements: 

  • Tree trimming.
  • Making our wires more weather- and tree-resistant.
  • Strengthening poles, cross-arms and other vital hardware.
  • Equipment automation.

Together, these proactive measures mean greater reliability.

And while you may not see work happening in your neighborhood, the System Resiliency Program program will improve day-to-day system reliability while reducing the frequency and duration of power outages from severe weather for all Eversource customers in Connecticut.