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Transmission Rates, Tariffs and Interconnections

We're a recognized industry leader in transmission construction and operation that is committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

As electricity demand continues to grow, a strong, reliable transmission system is critical to meeting our customers' needs, the region's economic health and unlocking access to renewable power generation.

We can assist the transmission customer in:

  • Obtaining services for use of the Eversource system
  • Developing siting feasibility studies for the location of new generation within the Eversource service territory
  • Developing the interconnection requirements for access to Eversource transmission facilities

Eastern Massachusetts Open Access Transmission - Open Access information and postings for Eversource's Eastern Massachusetts transmission infrastructure.

Transmission Rates - Current Eversource open access transmission service rates in Connecticut, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Open Access Tariff - Open Access Transmission information available on ISO-New England's website.

FERC Order 717 Requirements - Information and disclosures pertaining to FERC Order 717 for Connecticut, New Hampshire and Western Mass transmission.

FERC Order 890 and 676-E Requirements - Information and disclosures pertaining to FERC Order 890 and 676-E for Connecticut, New Hampshire and Western Mass infrastructure.

OASIS - Eversource's page on the Open Access Same-time Information System (OASIS) website.

Eversource Electric Transmission

More that 4,000 miles of overhead and underground high-voltage wires and substations connects customers across New England with reliable, affordable power.

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