Electric Service - Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some commonly asked questions about requesting a new electric service are below.

When would I request new service?
A request for electric service must be submitted for any service to be installed: new, changed, upgraded, removed or temporary. A request can be submitted using our online services or by contacting the Electric Service Support Center at 888-544-4826 from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

What is meant by "change/upgrade" service?
Changed or upgraded service is when service is increased from your existing electrical service to a service with more electrical capacity.

Can I use online services to turn on power when I move? What about turning off power?
Yes. Click on Start & Stop Service when you are moving from your residence.

Are there any limitations for submitting requests?
Yes, there are limitations. A homeowner can submit a request for electric service for his or her own owner/occupied single-family home only after having applied for and having been granted a homeowner electrical permit from the local authority.

Do I need a password to submit or view a request?
No. Requests for Electric Service are normally submitted by qualified licensed electrical contractors who are familiar with the information we need to process requests in a timely fashion.

Details pertaining to electrical loads in terms of kW and motor ratings are examples of information we need in order to size the electric distribution facilities to meet the load.

How do I complete the meter portion of the request?
Typical residential service is one meter, 200 amp, single-phase, three wire, 120/240 volt service (Residential example: 1PH 3W 120/240V). Select "new" or "upgraded service."

What is the load breakdown portion of the request?
Load breakdown is used to size your electrical service, ensuring adequate capacity. Load breakdown for a single phase, single family residence with a maximum two hundred amp main switch is not required.

What happens when I submit a request online?
Upon successfully completing a request, a confirmation page with your Service Request number will be displayed. If you have provided us with an email address, we will send an email confirmation to you with this information.

Your request will be routed to the appropriate area work center and assigned to a technician at that work center within two business days of your submission. 

If you do not receive a Service Request number, you have not successfully completed the request and will be returned to the request screen, where you'll see a list of errors. These errors must be corrected before you can successfully complete the request.

What if I have questions when I'm trying to fill out the request?
Our Electric Service Support Center is available to help you 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday at 888-544-4826.

Who else can see my request?
A Service Request number and town name are required to access an individual request. Only someone with that information will be able to view a request.

When I look up my request, what will I see?
You will see the current status of the work request, including all satisfied and unsatisfied prerequisites. An example of an unsatisfied prerequisite is a municipal approval.

Can I check on the status of my contractor's request for service for my new house?
Yes. The service request number and town name are required to view the status of a request.