Trees: Our Responsibilities ​& Yours

Learn what Eversource will trim and remove for trees, along with what homeowners are responsible for on an everyday basis, as well as during emergency situations.

Throughout the year, Eversource is working diligently to trim and remove trees that have the potential to fall and cause a power outage. However, we will only trim trees that directly affect power lines. 

Trees that affect electric wire service from the pole to your house, or cable or telephone wires, are the homeowners’ responsibility.  For your safety, please don’t attempt to cut down trees or branches that are near these lines. These lines are energized and dangerous. 

You can contact Eversource so that we can shut off power to your home in order for a certified tree professional to perform work near these lines, and then restore power once they are finished.

During a storm that results in power outages, our immediate focus is to get the power back on. So, we cut any trees and branches that are blocking roads and that have fallen on power lines and equipment so that crews and local emergency responders can get to work safely and as soon as possible.

After the storm has passed and power has been restored, homeowners are responsible for the removal of tree debris.