Automated Meter Reading

Eversource is in the process of changing the way in which we read meters in New Hampshire by installing Automated Meter Reading (AMR) meters for homes and businesses.

Approximately 552,000 new AMR meters will be installed through 2016, replacing all existing meters. AMR meters will enable Eversource meter readers to read your meter remotely, safely, and accurately, via wireless radio signals.

AMR meters are safe, accurate, proven digital technology, approved by the Federal Communication Commission and used across the country and world by electric, water, and gas utility companies. AMR meters capture the same information we have collected from your old meter, only from a greater distance.

It’s important to note that AMR meters are not “smart” meters, which use higher power transmitters and typically feature two-way communications designed to relay data to and from specific appliances and devices in your home or business.

Beginning in June 2014, representatives from a Eversource-certified vendor, will be installing AMR meters to the majority of our customers throughout New Hampshire. They will wear clearly marked uniforms, carry Eversource identification badges, and use vehicles featuring a prominently displayed logo.

Answers to frequently asked questions about AMR technology and Eversource’s deployment program is available.