In July 2017, Eversource is implementing state-of-the-art functionality in our sourcing, contracting, procurement and inventory management business processes.


These improvements will enable Eversource to provide our suppliers with a more streamlined procurement and accounts payable experience. The changes will go into effect in July 2017.

Leading up to ​the implementation, "Supply Chain System Update" will highlight specific changes that will improve the way we work together.

Thank you in advance for your participation in making this a smooth transition for all of us to a more automated, electronic and simplified supply chain process.

Ariba-Enabled Suppliers

Suppliers who receive purchase orders on the Ariba Network should also send invoices to Eversource via Ariba. This will enable a more consistent process, reducing turnaround time and increased transparency when awaiting payment.

Please refer to the following reference materials, or call our help desk at 800-974-4899, for help and details about available training.

QR Code Requirements

The following document detail Eversource's QR barcoding requirements for identified material-based suppliers.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, we look forward to hear from you soon. Please contact us at