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Understanding My Gas Bill

To help you better understand your gas bill, below is an example of a typical residential bill.

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1 - Your name, account number and statement date.

2 - Company contact information, supplier information (if applicable), usage or demand charts, budget billing summary (if applicable), important messages. Information could be continued on side two.

3 - Account summary: previous charges, new charges and total amount now due.

4 - Service detail: service location and reference number, billing period, meter readings, rate, itemized charges. Information could be continued on side 2.

  • Service Location: Address to which natural gas was delivered.
  • Billing Period:
  • Meter readings: Amount of natural gas consumed, measured in CCF (1 CCF = 100 cubic feet) at the beginning and end of the current billing period; includes total CCF used.
  • Rate: e.g., 01 - residential non-heating firm service, 02 - residential heating firm service, 03 - residential multi-dwelling firm service, 10 - small general firm service, 20 - medium general firm service, etc.
  • Customer Service Charge: A flat rate that depends on customer type (e.g., non-heating vs. heating).
  • Delivery Charge: The charge to deliver natural gas through the Yankee Gas distribution system.
  • Supply Charge: The total purchased gas cost of each unit of natural gas.
  • Sales Services Charge: The rate associated with the recovery of on-site production and storage plant associated with the provision of gas supply, as well as certain gas supply- related asset costs.
  • Conservation Adjustment Mechanism: Funding mechanism to make conservation programs available to all customers, not just income-eligible customers.

5 - Remittance stub with total amount now due. Please note the new payment address. Detach at the perforation and return the remittance stub with your payment.

6 - Account messages, which might appear on the front or back of the bill.

7 - Important phone numbers, billing and payment options, calculation and check processing information.