Why Eversource Trims Trees 

Trees are an important part of our community–helping beautify the neighborhoods we call home.

But did you know trees are the leading cause of power outages?

Every year, tree limbs, branches and roots come in contact with the thousands of miles of distribution lines Eversource maintains – damaging equipment and causing public safety hazards.

Eversource's Vegetation Management program is a thoughtful plan that balances the needs of our customers and communities. Our goal is to ensure safe, reliable electric service with minimal service interruptions while ensuring the proper growth of trees around power lines.

This program is run by certified arborists and other professionals with vast experience in arboriculture. Qualified line clearance contractors are also employed by Eversource, some companies with decades of experience in New England.

Eversource continuously monitors wires and equipment, and we periodically trim around the lines providing electric service to your neighborhood.

We also track performance of different parts of our infrastructure, making note and prioritizing tree trimming in areas that routinely experience outages due to trees. When crews trim along a circuit, clearance is determined based on common growth rates of the trees of New England.

Eversource’s practices also meet the standards of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), the American National Standard Institute (ANSI).

Plant Trees in the Proper Zone

When planting trees on your property, make sure to plant the right tree in the right place. The height of a mature tree helps determine how far from roadside power lines it should be planted.

Our Plan Before You Plant brochure has more information about which types of trees are low to tall growing, and how far from power lines they should be planted.