Best Reliability. Ever.
The first year.  Eversource. 

For years we were six companies with different names, working together as one.  To demonstrate our unified commitment to deliver reliable energy and superior customer service, we came together as Eversource just about a year ago. 

CT_50percent_reliability_chartWe’re proud that, in our first year, we delivered our best service ever.  You, our customers, were able to count on reliable power 99.98%* of the time, even during one of the worst winters on record.  In fact, we have improved overall reliability in Connecticut by more than 50%** over the last five years. 

And we’re hard at work in 2016.  Investing in infrastructure.  Trimming trees.  Strengthening our natural gas delivery system.  Working to bring clean hydropower into New England to lower energy supply rates.  And later this year, we’re introducing a simplified bill that will help you better understand your energy. 

One year ago, we introduced you to Eversource.  We came together as one to serve New England. And that’s exactly what we do every day. 

Ever New England.  Eversource. 


As this is the first year of Eversource, how did you have historical data to compare reliability success over the years? 
Even though we had different operating names, such as: Connecticut Light & Power, NSTAR, Public Service of New Hampshire, Western Massachusetts Electric, since our merger in 2012 we have worked as one company and have historical data available to us.                

How did you calculate your success? 
Our 99.98% reliability is based upon 2015 performance of our “Average Service Availability Index,” which compares the number of hours Eversource customers were without power to the number of total hours in the year. 

And, when we calculated the 50% improvement in reliability we looked at the average number of months that our Connecticut customers went between outages from 2011 to 2015. These are industry standard measurements, and performance indicators most utilities use to measure success. 

How has Eversource been able to make such improvements?
We monitor the performance of our electric systems very closely and address problems before they become problems.   We have made significant investments in our system by installing high-tech automation that helps reduce outages and the duration of outages.  These investments are also making our system stronger and more resilient in good and bad weather.

And because trees are a leading cause of outages, we conduct regular vegetation management near our electric systems to ensure safe, reliable electric service with minimal service interruptions while ensuring the proper growth of trees around power lines.  This program is run by certified arborists and other professionals with vast experience in arboriculture.

Our employees also have years of knowledge and expertise about our energy systems and provide the back bone to our mission of delivering reliable energy and superior customer service.     

What’s next for Eversource?
We’ll never stop improving.  Later this year we’ll introduce a newly formatted energy bill for our customers.  It will be a bill that is easier to understand, complete with handy energy graphs and helpful usage information.  

But we’re not taking our eye off the ball when it comes to reliability, we’ll continue to make investments in our systems and people so that we continue to live up to our mission of providing reliable energy and superior customer service.  

 * Based on Average Service Availability Index.
**​ Based on Average months between service interruptions.