Franklin - Bozrah Expansion Project

In 2015, through a partnership with the towns of Franklin and Bozrah, the Franklin - Bozrah Gas Expansion Project became one of several Eversource gas expansion projects under Connecticut’s Comprehensive Energy Strategy. 

Through this project, Eversource now offers the town and its residents a new fuel option: natural gas. New pipeline was installed in the towns of Franklin and Bozrah, Connecticut. It enabled gas expansion to the AEN Asphalt Facility (Franklin) and the Collins & Jewell Company (Bozrah).

The project offers community businesses and residents along the route a chance to convert to high-efficiency natural gas and lower their energy costs.  Natural gas is a clean, efficient and affordable fuel source, becoming the “fuel of choice” for Connecticut.

Project Facts:

  • Route Length:  Approximately 1.7 miles, underground
  • Location:  Franklin and Bozrah, Connecticut (see map)
  • Start of Construction: September 1, 2015
  • Completion Date:  ​Mid-December 2015


Contact Information

Keeping the lines of communication open is an important part of our work in your community. For more information about natural gas expansion, please send an email to GasExpansion@eversource.com or call 860-665-4644.