SmartPREP Details & Incentives

More information about the Eversource SmartPREP (Peak Response Energy Program) peak response periods and available incentives is available below.

​Peak Response Periods

When a peak in electricity usage is anticipated, we may schedule a demand reduction event and call on your devices to reduce usage. Scheduled events will occur during the summer cooling season, between June 1 and September 30, on non-holiday weekdays,  between noon and 7 p.m. Eastern.

These are times when electricity use is historically higher. Demand reduction events will last no more than 4 hours in any single day and they will be announced in advance. You can opt out of an event, if necessary.

Learn more about energy demand and how it ​impacts air quality and energy costs on the Energize Connecticut website.


The incentive you will earn varies depending on which equipment you enroll. Eligible devices include smart thermostats that control central air conditioning, room air conditioners, electric water heaters, and pool pumps. See the table below to find out how much you could earn.

Enrolled Equipment Type Equipment
Enrollment Incentive Maximum Annual Participation Incentive
Smart Thermostat for Central A/C $100 Rebate $25 $25
Room Air Conditioner Free Smart Plug Self-Installation Kit N/A $20
Electric Water Heater or Pool Pump Free Smart Switch & Electrician Labor N/A $20

You may enroll multiple devices per household but the annual incentive is capped at the maximum annual participation incentive for each enrolled equipment type shown in the table above.

You may enroll an electric water heater or pool pump in combination with either air conditioner type and be eligible for the annual incentive for both equipment types.


  • If you enroll more than one thermostat, the maximum annual participation incentive is $25.
  • You may not enroll both a smart thermostat that controls a central air conditioner and a room air conditioner.
  • You may receive an annual incentive for both a smart thermostat and a pool pump.

† Rebate at $100 (up to 2) requires eligible thermostat purchase and participation in Home Energy Solutions. Call 877-WISE-USE for more information. Thermostats that are direct installed at no cost to the customer are not eligible for this $100 rebate.

‡ One $25 enrollment incentive per customer, regardless of the number of thermostats enrolled.

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