Operation Fuel

You can help Connecticut residents who are struggling to keep warm this winter by enrolling in the Operation Fuel program.

Many of these residents in need don't qualify for other assistance programs, but may be experiencing a temporary crisis that has left them without enough money to heat their homes.

operation-fuelMake a one-time contribution when making a single direct debit online or choose to contribute monthly, and we will automatically add the selected dollar amount to your bill each month, displayed as an Operation Fuel donation. You can remove this monthly contribution at any time. 

Every dollar you contribute is tax-deductible and 100 percent of all donations are used for energy assistance grants.

Operation Fuel is a private, nonprofit energy assistance program for people who need emergency help with energy bills and are not eligible for, or have exhausted, state or federal assistance.

Most eligible households have incomes between 151 and 200 percent of the federal poverty level. Payments are made directly to the company that supplies the household with the heating or utility services.

To apply for Operation Fuel funds, contact the fuel bank in your area for an appointment. For more information, or to find out the name of the fuel bank nearest you, call 211.